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The 100

Season 7 | Broadcast Design

For Season 7 of the The 100, Picturemill reunited with the show’s production team, working closely to update our Season 6 titles for the series’ final season. New scenes were crafted by Picturemill, showcasing unique new environments to be explored while computer interfaces and UI were revised, integrating hints of future story points.


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Season 6

Tasked with creating an updated sequence for The 100 that introduces the new, mysterious setting of Season 6, Picturemill had the opportunity to build an alien world filled with adventure. Computer calculated paths and data readouts guide the viewer from a ship in orbit down to the surface where a variety wildlife is explored. Splashes of color are integrated alongside the computer interfaces to give this season’s sequence a distinct identity that reinforced the significant location change in the story. Picturemill crafted unique vistas that showcased the alien qualities of the planet while balancing ideas from the narrative that would be explored over the course of the season.

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