Season 4 | Broadcast Design

Picturemill was delighted to reunite with the makers of Preacher once again for their final season. Evolved with brand new footage within the cast’s names, our Season 4 opening sequences takes viewers to the end of the world and what lies ahead.


Continue below to rewatch our opening sequences from Seasons 1-3.

Season 3

He’s back! We updated the Preacher series open for Season 03 with new characters, new footage and updated location shots to put us in Angelville.

Season 2

In season two of AMC’s Preacher, the gang heads to New Orleans to wreak their brand of havoc, mayhem and violence.

To set the stage, Picturemill used bold and creepy images from The Big Easy and tweaked the soundtrack from country-rock to jazz while keeping the image-filled block letters that were a hallmark from season one’s opening sequence.

Season 1

As long time fans of the comic, Picturemill was thrilled to be involved in the series open for AMC’s Preacher. Gravitating to the unique imagery of the series, Picturemill created huge type windows to capture and hold the unexpected shots and characters of Jesse Custer’s world.

As described by io9, “It’s strange and unsettling, but it’s also kind of perfect at the same time.”

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