Jimmy Kimmel Austin

Broadcast Design

In 2012, Picturemill re-conceived, designed, directed and animated the opening for Jimmy Kimmel Live. For SXSW 2014 Jimmy Kimmel was having a special one week Austin showcase. We were tasked to create a one-off Austin “special edition” of the opening, featuring the excitement and landmarks of Austin, Texas. Picturemill traveled to Texas for a 4-day and night shoot, gathering timelapse and on-location live action lifestyle footage. Picturemill then edited, added VFX, and created a customizable toolkit for on-air use by the in-house Jimmy Kimmel production team.

The 100


This Giant Beast...


The Hate U Give


Hotel Transylvania 3


Ibiza: Love Drunk


Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Good Universe

Panic Room