“Facts 2011”


Picturemill’s CG expertise and editorial talents were tapped by frequent clients, Cramer-Krasselt, for a new “high-technology meets high performance” spot for Can-Am’s new line-up of all-terrain sport vehicles.


Picturemill’s CG team created a full line-up of the Can-Am vehicles to exacting catalog specifications, from modeling to texturing to lighting.The adrenaline-soaked back end was cut and finished in-house at Picturemill, giving maximum flexibility for C-K and Can-Am.


“When we realized we had a concept that couldn’t be shot due to limitations with camera size and movement, we called up PXM. They brought our concept to life, and then some. From the perfect re-creation of the Can-Am product, to the dust particles floating in the hangar space no detail was left to chance.” – Matt Herrmann, Associate Creative Director, C-K

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