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Wayward Pines
Show Open
Picturemill worked closely with the show creators to establish a sequence that captured the eerie and unsettling truth hidden behind the idyllic facade of Wayward Pines. Rather than directing actors, the team worked directly with the miniatures and camera department to create the look of each carefully composed shot. Once the photography was complete, careful editing and VFX brought the final sequence to life.
French Toast Crunch: The Tiny & the Tasty
Commercial Open
Picturemill collaborated with McCann Worldgroup and Emmy award winning director Matt Piedmont to create a television-style show open for “The Tiny & the Tasty”, a bite-sized soap opera series of commercials for General Mills' French Toast Crunch cereal.
Ubisoft Shape Up
For the release of their new fitness game SHAPE-UP, Ubisoft contacted Picturemill directly to produce a series of spots featuring celebrity Adam Pally from "Happy Endings" and "The Mindy Project." Working closely with Ubisoft, Picturemill handled the entire production from live action to editing to VFX and final mix for the series of HD spots.
Dracula Untold
Prologue, Main, and End Titles
To introduce the myth of Vlad the Impaler before he became Dracula, Universal asked Picturemill to conceptualize a narrative prologue for the film. Working in close collaboration with the director, writers and producers, Picturemill developed a series of "frozen moments" that the audience would travel through as Vlad's son tells the tragic story of his father. An elaborate motion control green screen shoot was done with a large cast of actors, period props and dramatic scenery to create the complex tableaus.
Dracula Untold
Prologue VFX Breakdown
Stepping through the complex process of making the Dracula Untold prologue, from green screen replacement, digital elements, face replacement, and final color grading.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

In our second involvement with the Apes Franchise at 20th Century Fox, Picturemill was asked to create a narrative sequence to explain the spread of the virus from the first film and its effects on the world, bridging the gap between the two installments.

Rather than a traditional editorial "news montage" sequence, Picturemill continued the design language created for the ending of RISE, to projection map news footage onto the globe in a unique display. Picturemill also had a major part in writing the narrative voiceover that drives the sequence. Picturemill worked very close with 20th Century Fox to source and manipulate the stock footage to serve the purpose of the story, before completing the sequence in stereoscopic 3D.

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